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faire des binds

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faire des binds

Message par fireball le Lun 10 Nov 2008, 3:06 pm

faire des bind ( phrase auto matic avec de la couleur )
pour commencer la liste des sons
alors voila coment marche le bind
vous ouvre la console ( la touche ² sous echap)
et vous tape la ligne suivante
/bind h say @108
sa c pour faire simple vou pouver utiliser preske toute les touche du clavier la c le h qui est utilisé

vous pouver aussi taper du texte exemple
/bind s say salut les KBS
vous pouvez aussi vous adresser a kelkun
/bind v say @109 #d
/bind c say @316 #t
le #d sadresse a la personne ki vous a tué
et le #t sadresse a la personne ke vous avez tué

pour les couleurs utilise le ^ plus une letre ou un chiffre
/bind g say ^&bien ^$joue #d
et voici keleke couleur

vous pouver aussi suprimer le text original du bind avec ceci ^1^1^1^1^1^1
par exemple
/bind d say bonjour ^1^1^1^1^1^1^1^1^1^1^1^1@108
ou /bind g say pas mal #d ^1^1^1^1^1^1^1^1^1^1^1^1@109
et si le text aparai encor un peu rajouter kel ke ^1^1
attention tou se ki se trouve deriere ^1 se trouve efface il est donc important de taper le text ke lon veu faire apparaitre devant biensure

apres a vous de jouer
et demander si vous ne comprener pas tout
@ plus

These are the basic sounds from 1 to 100.
1 Call for reinforcements
2 Advance
3 Awaiting orders
4 Check the perimiter
5 Go check that out
6 He's dangerous
7 Did you hear that
8 He's disappeared
9 Drop your weapon
10 Eliminate target
12 I got that bastard
13 Hold here
14 Hurry
15 I'm hit
16 Investigate that area
17 Keep looking
19 I killed him
20 I lost him
22 I need help here
23 Medic Medic
24 Open Fire
25 I'm out of Ammo
26 He's over here
27 Over there
28 Plug him
29 Position reached
30 Secure the area
31 We're getting slaughtered
32 Somethings not right here
33 Spread out
34 Surround him
35 Take cover
36 Take him out
37 Take Position
38 Take them out
39 Target has been eliminated
40 There he is
41 Taking alot of fire
43 What are you doing here
44 What the...
45 What was that
46 Whats happening here
47 Who are you
48 You're not supposed to be here
49 Hey did you see that guy, He wet his pants ha haha ha ha..
50 Hey honey..
51 Huh I think i can help you
52 If you look at me 1 more time, I swear I'll BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF
53 How bout we see if you can dodge a BULLET
54 That was a close one
55 What are you lookin at
56 You scared?, You should be
57 Leave me alone
58 Please just leave me be..
59 What? Please explain.. over
60 Attention
61 Someone call 911
62 Call the police
63 Comin thru..
65 Excuse me
66 Don't hurt me
67 I don't understand
68 I don't have any money
69 Those men have guns
70 Take my wallet, Just don't hurt me
71 I'm unarmed
72 Watchout
73 Pairup
74 Fanout
75 We got company, Take cover
76 Enemy has been neutralized, base camp is secure. over
77 BANG! Your dead
78 d**n! that was close
80 Come get some
81 Incoming
82 Go cry to mama
83 We showed them
84 Take that
85 That did it
86 You want some of this
87 Yeah
89 Don't worry girls it'll all be over soon
90 Cover my left
91 Cover my right
92 Keep your eyes open boys
93 Get moving
94 Shudd-up man
95 Eat lead sukka
96 Kickin ass, and takin names
97 How'd you like that
98 WoOoOo
99 O.K, lets do it
100 We can't take much more of this

$A$* Sound pack (numbers: 312-450)

312 Hello
313 Hello
314 Hello?
315 Goodbye
316 Thank you
317 Thank You Sir
318 brb
319 Aaaah! I Mean...... Hallo
320 dam.nit (lol this forum filtered the word d a m n i t )
321 Doh!
322 Sweet merciful crap
323 Give me some inner peace or I'll mob the floor with you
324 Hahahaha, godboy couldn't get a strike, hahahaha
325 Kiss my hairy yellow butt
326 Kiss my curvy butt goodbye
327 Me loose brain? oh oh
328 Alright brain, just let's do this so I can get back killing you with beer
329 Can I go now?
330 This can't be happening
331 Boring
332 Where's my burrito!
333 Mmm beer
334 No no...... beer bring pain
335 I guess some people never change, or they quickly change and then quickly change back
336 To start press anykey...... where's the anykey?
337 I already know that
338 Eh, excuse me Professor Brainiac
339 Come on, I dare ya
340 Kids you tried your best and you failed miserably, the lesson is: never try
341 Ever heard of a little thing called the internet?
342 Oh, they have internet on computers
343 Welcome to the internet my friend, how can I help you
344 All this computer hacking is making me thirty
345 I am so smart, I am so smart, S-M-R-T, I mean S-M-A-R-T
346 I'm not gay, but I'll learn
347 Hello, can I get some help?
348 Go away
349 Out of my way jerkass!
350 Go to hell!
351 Why you little.....!
352 Aah! boogie man
353 Ay caramba
354 Attention everyone
355 Eat my shorts
356 Man, what's gotten into you?
357 What a load of crappy crap, crap
358 Oh man why does everything bad have to happen to me
359 Nooooooooo!
360 It's craptacular
361 You're d**ned if you do and you're d**ned if you don't
362 Oh a wiseguy eh?
363 Ha ha (Bart)
364 Ha ha (Nelson)
365 Bitch (sound: Ow bitch bitch bitch)
366 Ah! kill it, kill it!
367 OK (sound: Okili Dokili Do)
368 mwhuhuhaha
369 Don't feel bad for loosing, I was wrestling wolves back when you were at your mother's teat
370 You magnificent bastard I salute you
371 Please come again
372 Yes, you're in deep doh now
373 Attention children
374 I can't take this much longer, I gotta have a beer
375 pfff (sound: Arnold Schwarzenegger; f*ck you not a very nice person)
376 Oh yeah? Well you're a chicken
377 Crazy fool
378 How dare you!
379 You're going the right way for a smacked bottom
380 Alrighty then
381 Did that hurt?
382 Don't be a Wiseass!
383 You dumbass
384 You wanna tangle with me?
385 I have two guns, one for each of you
386 Never underestimate your opponent, expect the unexpected
387 Exterminate, annihalate, destroy
388 Hey ho, let's go
389 Howdy ho
390 Hi, hello (sound: doorbell)
391 Let the game begin (sound: gong)
392 You lag, you still use dial up? (sound: modem dialling up)
393 Muhahahaha
394 Nananananana
395 This is an outrage
396 %@$#! (sound: censored beep)
397 :F (sound: chimp)
398 :F (sound: bull)
399 Stupid! (sound: donkey)
400 Stupid! (sound: pig)
401 Whatever (sound: sheep)
402 You've got a message on MSN (sound: MSN incoming message sound)
403 You've got mail (sound: new email sound)
404 You've just given the perfect blowjob
405 Show me your tits
406 Just because I'm happy it's not fine I'm loony toony
407 DIED? HUH!? (sound: cartoon soundeffect)
408 Attack!
409 Don't just stand there, pickup that gun and shoot it
410 Do you smell what I smell?
411 Don't ask me
412 It can't get any worse then this, can it?
413 It's good to see you
414 Prepare to fight
415 Holy nuts
416 Ludicrous kill
417 Multikill
418 Rampage
419 Wicked sick
420 Headshot (sexy female voice)
421 Killingspree (sexy female voice)
422 Dominating (sexy female voice)
423 Multikill (sexy female voice)
424 Ultrakill (sexy female voice)
425 Humiliation (sexy female voice)
426 10 minutes remaining
427 5 minutes remaining
428 1 minute remaining
429 Good Game
430 Congratulations on your win (sound: common winning game sound)

Music clips:
431 Stick together
432 Suicide is painless
433 Help!
434 We will we will rock you
435 Kroc style, boom like that
436 I got you

437 I'm loosing my favourite game
438 Born to be wild
439 Wah! I feel good
440 Bad boys bad boys, what you gonna do when they come for you
441 What are you waiting for
442 Move your body
443 blah! blah! blah!
444 Bang bang, I shot you down. Bang bang......
445 Boom boom boom boom, bang bang bang bang
446 You ain't seen nothing yet...... baby you ain't seen nothing yet
447 We are the champions my friend
448 Another one bites the dust
449 Oops, I did it again
450 ? ? ? (sound: upon a time in the west; man with the harmonica)



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